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On-Page SEO refers to the enhancements that you can make to your site to have it rank better on search engines. These can be either to the content i. This is in contrast to off-page SEOwhich includes things done outside of your site such as creating backlinks and social tips. I listed them in terms of difficulty vs. Competing for difficult keywords with a brand new domain and a poor backlink profile is useless. The solution: You need to start with keywords that are relatively article writing seo tips and that still get a decent amount research articles impact factor traffic.

How can you find the best keywords artcle your industry? You can also use a tool writing seo Ubersuggest.

  • Any time you have an opportunity to showcase other forms of original content like videos, infographics or whitepapers, make sure to also embed them onto your website as well and share from there.
  • Now to address the next piece of the puzzle: getting your content seen.
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Add any other relevant keywords you find this way to your list. Now google the keywords you picked and copy the url for the site that ranks 1 for those keywords. Another way to find keywords, especially for product affiliate marketing, is to hop on Amazon and search for a product. The autocomplete function will show you related upsells and is a gold-mine for keywords.

Note, you can get the volume data to show next to each article writing seo tips by installing KeywordsEverywhere on Chrome. With that keyword list handy, you can now pick the topics that make the most sense for your domain authority, domain age, your expertise and niche.

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I personally like keywords whose difficulty is low-to-medium and that generate at least searches per month. Amazing content is content that: covers a topic in article writing seo tips and more importantly, provides value to the article writing seo tips, answering all their questions I know that writing word blog posts is easy, but trust me, the extra effort that it takes to write a longer blog post will be well worth it. Why should you write long-form article source Through my own personal experiments I can attest that my longer blog posts tend to do much better than the shorter ones.

This post for instance easily sits over words. I fill in the blanks of each section with the most useful and direct information I can. I let my article get indexed by Google and then I monitor the keywords that are bringing traffic to my site using Search Console. A mistake I see people make is to never update their old posts. You can easily revive an old post and add words. Why does tips form content do so well? Because Google wants to show its users the most complete and accurate information possible. Google wants you to find all the answers to your questions on result 1.

The only way for your site to do this is to cover a topic in as much depth as you can. Pro tip: break long complex paragraphs into bite-sized sentences and space them out. This is intentional.

First, it helps with the flow and readability. Secondly, it increases the time visitors spend on my site, which is a metric Google likes to look into.

Article writing seo tips

Pro tip 2: Add depth to your content with keyword variations I briefly touched this a few paragraphs above but I wanted to make sure this idea had its separate section. Keyword variations [also known as LSI Latent Semantic Indexing keywords] are essentially just words that are related to your target keywords. You should try to achieve this with a mix of exact match and partial match keywords.

Use Yoast SEO to check that your post is good to go. I also like to drop my target keyword in the first paragraph of my sriting. Keywords and Content are good to go, now what? If you do nothing but follow the aforementioned 2 SEO tips, you will do much better than if you do all the remaining ones on average or crappy content.

For that look into tip 3. Optimize your Meta Artivle and Meta Description Meta titles and meta descriptions are super relevant when it comes to ranking. A pro tip is to always include your keyword towards the start of the title. On the meta description, be as succinct as possible, conveying the general idea of your post but leaving some cliffhanger at the end so that people are inclined to know more. Also include the LSI keywords i. What if you knew them all? Make those count. The site that ranks 1 for a particular keyword will arguably get the most clicks.

Add modifiers to make your SEO meta titles more juicy To create compelling titles, you should include modifiers. Some very good modifiers for titles are Numbers which incite curiosity i. Below are 2 more ways to crush your CTRs… Use emojis on your meta here A top SEO tip for meta tags is to use emojis. As you can see, this attention-grabbing yellow icons will drive your CTR through the roof. Article writing seo tips the featured snippet and make it rain The Featured Snippet is the box that usually appears when you ask a question whose answer can be found in steps or can be answered in a paragraph.

Paragraph snippet answers should be around words long for the best chances of winning the snippet. Note: you will only win the featured snippet if you are already ranking on the first page of Google. Next tip is a very easy win. Have short and descriptive urls Which url do you prefer?

After this course, I spent a lot of time checking my most popular posts and optimizing them for Google. Talk to them. They write the best of them, they try to choose topics their audience would love, they do all they can to make their texts interesting article writing seo tips useful at the same time. This will also increase your click-through rates. Optimize Your Site Technical Changes Three very important things article writing seo tips need to have on your site Fast loading content no-heavy Javascript, all loaded via a premium CDN [content delivery network]. All you need is expert advice that has produced success. The rule?

When it comes to choosing the slug, try to make it as short as possible while still fitting your keyword in. Take advantage of the H1, H2, H3 hierarchy As we mentioned on tip 3, headers will help you check this out featured snippets. It is important that you check that your website structure or WordPress theme respects this. Please take a second to check that NOW. You can sprinkle your keyword in one or two Click subheadings for an added SEO boost.

And finally H3, H4 for any additional sub-steps that your guide has. But more importantly… 6. Make your post exciting with images, videos, and wwriting Not everyone learns purely by reading. When you write content, target also the auditory and visual learners. Not only will this get you more readers but will also increase the time on site, a very important metric for Google when it comes to deciding if your site is worth showing on the SERPs.

Aritcle, adding multimedia to your post will also make your post seem more complete and therefore will get you a higher chance of bringing in those organic backlinks. I usually like to embed videos into my posts, because my readers love them. Make sure you include some keywords when naming your images. Link to previous posts go here other authoritative sites Outbound and inbound linking is critical to a healthy SEO article.

Internal linking refers to linking to article writing seo tips pages on your site. External links are links to other sites. Cross-linking your content will not only lead to lower bounce-rates but also can tipz you forge a stronger relationship with your readers.

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A great example of internal linking is Wikipedia. Notice article writing seo tips every link is keyword-rich and links to a very authoritative article writing seo tips extensive post about that topic. Writiny Fact: I was born in Bolivia For outbound links, you should link to external sites per post.

Two caveats when linking You should only link to relevant and useful resources. When you link to someone, make sure to drop them an email telling them so! They might shout you out on their social media profiles, getting you more social traffic. Speaking of social signals… Social signals now make a considerable dent in rankings. Take a look at the social shares of this article.

The added benefit of social sharing is that you will get more traffic from social networks and make more revenue through ads. Moreover, that extra exposure will probably also land you some juicy backlinks.

Step 2: Once your article or blog post has been written, the next thing is to write your meta description. I wrote more about my ranking tips and backlinking techniques on my SEO guide. Here are my nine top tips for helping you create your best most-read, most-shared, and most valuable content this year and beyond. Images will also break up the text in a dynamic way. Ideally, put the keyword in your headline, but make sure that it reads smoothly for your article writing seo tips. Another way to find keywords, especially for product affiliate marketing, is to hop on Amazon and search for a product.

You can add social buttons with this easy WordPress plugin. Additionally, you should encourage people to comment on your post. Google notices this interaction and rewards you for creating this buzz-worthy content. Optimize Your Site Technical Changes Three very important things you need to have on your site Fast loading content no-heavy Javascript, all loaded via a premium CDN [content delivery network].

Article writing seo tips can install a cache article writing seo tips like WordPress Fastest Cache to solve this. You can also invest in a premium CDN. Small Image sizes: You should reduce the file size of the images before you upload them to your editor, with a tool like ImageCompressor. Mobile responsiveness If your site is still not optimized for mobile, what the heck are article writing seo tips doing? If you are not comfortable with making the technical changes, talk to your developer or web host about making these important changes to your website.

Create backlinks to your optimized article this is the real ranking factor?

SEO Content Writing Tips For 2019 Google Rankings

Even though backlinks are not technically considered part of On-Site Optimization, I wanted to include them here because they are super important. On Ahrefs, if you type a given keyword writin their Keyword Research tool you will find just about how article writing seo tips backlinks you need to rank at the top You can build backlinks by reaching out to bloggers and have them link your article, guest posting on great sites, and article writing seo tips. I wrote more about my ranking tips and backlinking techniques on my SEO guide.

Keep your content fresh by regularly updating and optimizing old posts You can push the freshness score of your post up by taking a look at trends, updating posts with new information and also looking at seasonal things like Holidays. A hack that also works is to update the published date of your posts whenever you make substantial changes to them.


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