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If need be, re-read this article again and again. Also do not be afraid to ask questions in the comment section below. We are in the prime selling season in most markets. During this time, investors are normally busy trying to lock down as many properties as possible. In our market, Phoenix, esrate are seeing an influx of buyers looking for deals. I recently had a conversation with assign real estate contract group of investors looking to get their hands on almost anything that will generate a profit.

It would seem that we have not learned from the previous market crash how the real estate climate can change in an instance. Short and simple. Can This Be Done. Find a motivated seller. If I want to sell, there is no since of urgency. There are numerous ways to find motivated sellers, such as driving for dollarsnewspaper ads, internet marketing, direct mail marketingetc.

If you begin to research real estate marketing, you will find many forms, but make sure you use a combination of multiple strategies. Get the contract. There are two reasons this is so critical. First, you will have comfort knowing your document is legally sound. Second, you will be able to utilize that attorney as counsel in the event you find yourself in litigation. This verbiage authorizes you to re-trade the property to another buyer who is interested in the property.

When you receive the signed contract, you now have equitable interest in the property and have some legal standing in what happens to the property. These partners ensure we have more than one set of eyes continue reading run the numbers. Submit contract to title. The title search assign real estate contract check the historical records of the property ccontract make sure there are no liens on the property.

It is important not to sell a property with a defective title.

Example of a journal article abstract

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When to Write the Abstract Results Introduction Abstract Writing an abstract can be difficult because you are tasked with condensing tons of work into such a small amount of space. To make things easier, write your abstract last. Read through your entire paper and distill each section down to its main points. Sometimes it can be helpful to answer this question through a subtractive process. For example, if you are trying to distill down your results, simply list all your findings and then go through that list and start crossing off or consolidating each finding until you are left with a only the most crucial results.

Purpose Your title and abstract are the primary medium through which interested readers will find your work amidst the deluge of scientific publications, posters, or conference talks. When a fellow scientist happens upon your abstract they will quickly skim it to determine if it is worth their time to dive into the main body of the paper.

This will ensure that your scientific work is found and read by your intended audience. Introduce the area of science that you will be speaking about and the state of knowledge in that area. Start broad in the general background, then narrow in on the relevant topic that will be pursued in the paper. If you use jargon, be sure to very briefly define it. What specific question is your work attempting to answer. Provide a high-level description of your most important methods and results. Resources and Annotated Examples..

Sample biography ppt

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There are many places online where you can download free templates, but to be frank, most look outdated internet assignment pdf well, cheap. You may think the best free PowerPoint templates are those that you need to spend money on. Well, that may be true, but nowadays, there are a lot of websites that offer modern-looking and well-designed templates for free.

A free timeline and roadmap template from 24Templates. Impress your audience with creative PowerPoint templates like this. While there are obvious benefits to using templates, some may not be sold on the idea simply because most free presentation templates leave a lot to be desired design-wise. This is why some people still prefer designing slides from scratch instead of working off of a template. Do you feel the same way. Check out the next section to find out which option you should go for — use templates or design slides from scratch.

Designing Slides From Scratch Vs. Sure, you may have found a few well-designed presentation slides on SlideShare. And you think you can use these as inspiration for coming up with your own design. But, how much time do you really have to devote to design slides from scratch. For instance, you could be asking yourself these questions: Would this foreground color look great with this background. What about this font. Shall I use a different font for the headlines.

Fce review example restaurant

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Below are two reviews of the Cafe — do you think you would go. Modern, Airy and Fancy. Although we were there for only 30 minutes and only ordered drinks, we enjoyed the time. We chose this cafe because of their nice atmosphere. It was quite modern, airy visit web page fancy.

Because we were ten people we sat outside which was more spacious, so it was really nice and we could chat with each other. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate which looked cute and was also delicious. I believe they will get some desserts one day but I think this restaurant is more suitable for lunch and dinner instead of afternoon tea. Anyways it was a really comfortable restaurant.

If you are looking for a nice restaurant, it is worth reveiw try, especially for the adult who likes alcohol as it becomes a wonderful bar at night. By Hikari How about a coffee at a local cafe Are you looking exaple a new cafe for a coffee with your company. Without a doubt you will enjoy some food or drinks there. It is so spacious and has a clean modern fxe. It is a cafe during the day and a bar at night therefore, you are able to spend a long time there. When I went there with my friends last Friday, we took a seat outside and it was so lovely because it was quite nice weather.

Moreover, the tables and chairs were so clean and looked good so we were satisfied with them. My other friends also had a drink and most of them were satisfied. Even if we were a lot of people, I think they should have paid more attention. Despite this slightly uncomfortable situation with my friend, I recommend you give it a try. There is a chance that you can spend time with your friends at a nice local fce review example restaurant.

By Jisu..

Science thesis examples

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This format is quite similar to the IMRAD structure that you have likely already been using for papers in your field. Generally, dissertations and theses are separated into the following sections or chapters : I. Introduction The introduction typically contains an overview of work that others in the field have completed preceding your thesis and tells the reader, broadly, what your work will add to the field. Major texts in the field as well as specific work that was important to your thesis should be referenced here as part of building the context for the document that follows.

Additionally, you will establish the importance of your work to the field and, perhaps, beyond the field as well. In some fields, the body of the dissertation is essentially three papers on a similar topic or that use a similar technique. Each of those chapters will have its own introduction, the following three sections, and a conclusion. These chapters will be bracketed by the larger introduction and conclusion that ties them together.

For fields that do not take this approach, the following sections are typical of the chapters that make up the body of the dissertation or the sections of the thesis. If the approach is theoretical, it is established and explained here. If following sections depend upon specialty instruments, these should be described here. If data were collected, the methods used should be documented in this section. In some fields, the following two section results and discussion will be combined into one section. In other fields, these steps must be kept clearly separated. If you are not sure which is usually done in your field, ask your advisor.

Results In this section, you tell your reader what results were science thesis examples using your methods. If the approach is theoretical, use this section to explore the results of the application of the theory. If the approach was experimental, this is the section that contains the results of the experiments. Discussion This is the section of the thesis in which you explain the implications of science thesis examples data for the reader.

Example of a business plan pdf

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Its founders are former marketers of consulting services, application software, mobile and smart-phone apps, cloud-based applications and market research, all in international markets. The company seeks reasonable funding for the project, e. Give the reader a fix on the size and type of the company, its management team, the products and services it offers, also some basic information about the industry, the size of the target market, funding sources, and the financial goals of the business.

If your plan is designed to help you get a bank loan, equity loan or credit card funding, include the information about the amount, type, and purpose of the funds you are seeking. Also, you may apply for a venture capital funding. What benefits make your offer unique, or just different. How would you describe a group s of target customers. It should be an easy-to-read overview presented concisely. Don't forget to say what you want - a business loan, equity investment, or perhaps to plan a sound exit scenario through a business for sale platform; how much money you need, and how the investment pays back for the business owners.

This company offers a lot of services for ships that are under repair. The company can supply large docks that can be utilized to accommodate boats of different sizes. Instruments of raising as quay-cranes, compressed air and gas tools and logistic supports towards crews mainly during the periods in which the ships are under repair are only a few of the services that the company offers to its clients. Facilities consist of 5 dry docks and one meters utilized by ships that are waiting for their reparation-phase. The entire equipment is under a concession from the Port Authority of Genoa. DDG is seeking funding business loan, equity funding or venture capital investment for the project.

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For more on business plans, review this business plan outline. Then, for a quick and painless start to the business planning process, try this simple business plan. Template. Continue Reading..

Reveal linq mri

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This implantable loop recorder, the size of two matchsticks, replaces the old Reveal XT monitor which was the size of a computer memory stick and which had to be inserted with a small surgical procedure in a cath lab or operating theatre. The new Linq device is simply injected under local anaesthetic in a procedure room and I do not use sedation, intravenous access or even antibiotics.

There is no doubt the tiny size of this new device has lowered the threshold for consideration of implanting a device in patients with infrequent palpitations or loss of consciousness, however, the really revolutionary part of this device is how it communicates the information it detects to doctors and other caregivers. This then generates an email to the physician highlighting the arrhythmia. Case Report A year-old lady with a history of idiopathic spino-cereballar ataxia and axonal neuropathy presents to a cardiologist in the summer of having had a sudden collapse whilst at the theatre without prior warning symptoms.

The theatre was hot and it took 20 minutes before she felt back to normal. A systolic murmur is identified on examination but echocardiography gives sub-optimal images and it is difficult to see much more than left ventricular hypertrophy of 1. There was no significant aortic valve gradient but an LV gradient of mmHg is detected.

Holter monitoring shows sinus rhythm throughout with only a tiny burden of ventricular ectopy and a further event recorder monitor for 2 weeks detects nothing else. The cardiologist assumes there is hypertensive heart disease but is unsure whether this was a Stokes-Adams attack or a simple faint and after the patient has another episode of syncope, she is referred to me for insertion of a Reveal Linq device.

Nineteen days later I awoke to receive an email from the Medtronic CareLink to let me know the patient had had an automatically detected event triggering an alert. I logged into the CareLink system from my home and downloaded the information. The ECG showed the onset of a slightly irregular but essentially monomorphic broad complex tachycardia, most likely ventricular tachycardia.

The subsequent tachycardia with ECGs not stored on the device is most likely atrial fibrillation. I contacted the patient and found she had collapsed earlier that morning at the same time as the event above and I therefore arranged urgent admission to hospital. A cardiac MRI scan was performed the following day MRI scans are possible with the Reveal Linq device, although one should normally wait 6 weeks after implant and data should be manually please click for source before the scan and the device checked again immediately afterwards.

The here showed typical features of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with asymmetric left ventricular hypertrophy of 2. There was minimal late enhancement. Familial screening was then implemented. This ICD, like the Reveal Linq, is revolutionary in that it is licensed for full body MRI scans after a reveal linq mri waiting period and with appropriate device testing before and afterwards. In this case this means the patient can continue to have MRI scans performed of the brain and spinal cord for her neurological conditions.

The patient was discharged home the following day and remains under close review.